Bliss B-12 Natural Metabolism Booster 2oz

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  • 2oz Bottle Vitamin B-12 Complex
  • 15 Drops twice per day
  • 200mg Daily Dose

Did you know that a woman’s ability to absorb the vitamin B12 gradually decreases with age? In fact, research from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition claims that 4-percent of females between the ages of 40 to 60-years old suffer from a B12 deficiency. Combine age with certain prescription medications (i.e., for heartburn) and a lack of meat in your diet (i.e., especially for vegetarians or vegans) and you could find yourself sorely lacking vitamin B12.

Our bliss Vitamin B12 could be just the remedy to this issue.  Packed with the vitamin b12 your body needs, 15 drops twice a day is sufficient to maintain optimal health.  Get yours today!