What is Welcome 2 Wellness About?

Living life brings many challenges and one of those is trying to live life in such a way that you maintain your health and wellness.  This is a struggle for many people who work outside of the home, who are parents and have additional responsibilities.  Like you, I struggle as well with these things and have often looked for ways to find support in my journey.  That is why I created Welcome2Wellness.co.  Welcome2Wellness.co is a means of sharing what I have learned along the way in my continual journey to wellness and to encourage others along in their journey as well.  


I love to edify, encourage and educate. I love to help others and to show others the greatness they have inside!  I believe that wellness is a journey that encompasses many aspects of our body, mind, and soul.  The spectrum of wellness includes not only the physical, but mental and spiritual as well. I am excited for you to be a part of our community of learners and doers.  Here you will find products and resources to assist you in your journey to health and wellness in all of these areas of your life, mind, body and soul.  In the journey to wellness, no one is perfect ~ everyone is trying to find their own way. We have amazing products and resources to help you! We share information that can assist you to lead a healthful life. We welcome you to our space, and we welcome you to your wellness journey!